Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Half

I haven't talked about it too much, but I've recently really been trying to get back into shape, tone up and slim down.  I've been pretty active since I was in high school- I was a dancer and work out/ running fanatic.  I was running a lot in college, but then I met my husband who hates all things working out and kind of stopped/ started/ stopped a lot.

Long story short, I've gotten way back into running and yoga.  I am trying to go to yoga 2 days a week and run 3 to 4 days a week.  My current running route is about an hour (which my not to precise pedometer app says is somewhere between 4.3 and 4.5 miles- same route, same time, different distance on different days...) and have started doing a "long" run on Sundays.  Right now, that long run is an extra 10 minutes.  This past Sunday it was an hour and 10 minutes and 5.3 miles.   Note: I am not a fast runner.  I am 100% aware of this.  I have short stubby legs and take small steps.  I am OK with not being a fast runner.

So, my friend Lindsey and I have made the decision to train (and run) a half marathon.  SCARY!!  I have always wanted to run one, but just have never had the time to train.  But now that I am all alone in Mississippi and Charlie is doing law school 24/7, I have plenty of time to run until I fall out.

The race we have chosen to train for is the Gulf Coast Pensacola Half Marathon on April 7, 2013.  There is actually a half marathon in Jackson in January, but I don't think I will be able to train for it.  We wanted to do something in April or May because we are both evening runners, so we needed to have more daylight to run.  Charlie isn't a fan of me going out to run in the dark alone, and he certainly isn't going to be going with me (maybe drive along side me in the car...)  Plus, the route is near the water, so it will be beautiful and cool during those grueling hours.

So we are both excited but also very nervous.  A half marathon is 13.1 miles, for those of you who don't know.  And that is a LOT.  I know that I won't make great time or anything, but again, I am ok with that.  I'm not a real competitive person, so "winning" isn't anywhere in my radar.  For me, this is a personal goal, something I want to accomplish.  (I will be talking more about some personal goals soon...)

So I have started tracking my workouts with the distance and the times.

Today will be a running day, as will tomorrow and maybe Saturday- I don't ever do anything on Mondays because I generally have to work later.

 I feel like I need some kind of tutor for this.  I know people that run full marathons (which I could never do) have to be really careful about eating and have to do other things like weights, etc... I don't know if all that is as important for half marathon runners.

So what is your workout routine?  Have you ever run in a half marathon?  Any tips you would like to offer?

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  1. Good luck! I have never done one, I did a 5K walk once which is not the same at all so way to go!!



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